Marcus Alexander



​12 Till Dusk                                     Prior Service Productions

Out With The New                                    Yay Yo Productions

In With The Old                                     Haggard Productions

After Here                                                           Hall Studios

Coin-Op                                                     Smith Productions

Unhinged                                              BYU Film Productions

Radio Frequency                                     Wilkins Peak Studios

Boomerang's Revenge                          Full Spectrum Pictures


Unusual Suspects: Ashes to Ashes      ​    LMNO Cable Group


A Prayer For Mac                                           Entropy Pictures

The Agreement                                       Killship Productions

The Last Guest                      Chimps Can't Swim Productions

​                                       Voice Over

Solar Saints SciFi Hunt Podcast                                                

​   Episode 2: Gold Fist Awakening

   Episode 4: Diamond Wolf

   Episode 5: Iron Beast on Fire

   Episode 6: Diamond Wolf

   Episode 7: Killing Circle of Flash

   Episode 8: Diamond Wolf

   Episode 9: Killing Circle of Flash

   Episode 10: Killing Circle of Flash

   Episode 11: Killing Circle of Flash

   Episode 12: Diamond Wolf

   Episode 14: Iron Beast on Fire

​   Episode 15: Diamond Wolf

   Episode 16: Diamond Wolf

​   Episode 22: Iron Beast on Fire

   Episode 26: Secundi Spirit Crush

   Episode 30: Killing Circle of Flash

   Episode 31: Secundi Spirit Crush

   Episode 33: Secundi Spirit Crush

   Episode 36: Killing Circle of Flash

​   Episode 37: Killing Circle of Flash

   Episode 38: Iron Beast on Fire

   Episode 39: Secundi Spirit Crush

​   Episode 40: Secundi Spirit Crush

   Episode 41: Iron Beast on Fire

   Episode 44: Secundi Spirit Crush​​

​To Quiet The Quiet Promo                  MustDash Productions

Health in 3                                         Beckstrom Productions

   Episodes 1-3: Peabody and Ox


Mattress Moving                                                   Toyo Tires

The Power Stool Tool                                          Auggie Dog

Summer Appliance Sale                                          RC Willey

​Running For Change                                                  USANA


- Mudhouse Film Workshop with Mowava Pryor, SLC, UT

   “Art Supported by Technique”
   (Film, Commercial, and Voice-Over Technique)
- Stanislavsky Method Acting at the University of Utah

- Voice Training for Singers with Billy Purnell

- BA in Linguistics from the University of Utah

                              Special Skills/Interests

- Character acting, dialects (Southern American, Boston, British, Irish, Scottish, etc. and willing to try any with proper coaching), silly voices, impersonations
- Martial Arts (hold Black Belts in Goshin and Kenpo Karate), gymnastics, parkour, and surfing
- 20 years of experience playing guitar and can play various styles 
- Strong singer from low baritone (F2) to high tenor (C5) and can sing various musical styles